Leggings – Definitely IN for Sexy Slim Legs


If you are woman you want sexy slim legs and then in your closet you must have at least black leggings. Are you a woman? 😀

For years now, leggings are very popular. They are comfortable and sexy. With right top and shoes you can wear them in any occasion. What more can you ask of a pants!

black leggingsusa flag leggings

lace leggings

Don’t know about you, I feel much sexier and slimmer in leggings. Through out the years I had many different colors, although black and white are my favorite.

But, times are changing. It never occurred to me the variety of leggings that designers will come up with  or that they can offer much more in that department.

Boy was I wrong!


fancy gold leggings

animal print leggingsgothic black lace leggings

From simple leggings made of cotton to any kind of synthetic one. One color leggings nowadays evolved to many different design prints. Some like jeans, some like stocking, some like tights.

gold leggingssee through  leggings

gothic leather leggingsmulti-color  leggings

jeans  leggingsblack yellow  leggings

black gothic  leggingscotton  leggings

white  leggings

multi color  leggingsjeans  leggings

jeans multi color  leggingsgold  leggings

lace gotic  leggingswhite dot  leggings

Leggings for kids, leggings for sports, leggings for any occasion you may think off.

Yesss, leggings are definitely IN for sexy slim legs. I like to feel sexy and slim same as any woman does. Thus, my vote always goes for leggings.
I’ve showed you here some that I like and have. Your taste may differ, but, honey, it is your birth right to feel sexy and slim – go for it.

And my No.1 leggings for this season, although there are several:

lace gotic  leggings gothic skirt  leggings

Button LeggingsFaux Leather Leggings

Muahaaa and stay tuned!

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